Deletion of automatically uploaded files after said amount of time (Android App)

Hi together,

I hope that I am in the right category here. I recently set up a Nextcloud instance primarily to upload pictures and videos from my phone to my server. This works fine and Nextcloud gives me a whole bunch of other options and possibilities that i did not use yet.

But today I stumbled over something: I set up my Andrioid app in a way that it automatically takes the pictures from my camera folder, uploads them to my server and deletes them on my phone afterwards. This is a little bit annoying sometimes if I want to directly send the picture to someone via the phone or things like that.

Is there any way to tell the Android app to delete the already uploaded files from my phone after a said amount of time and not instantly?

No, this is not possible with Nextcloud out of the box. You will need some kind of php script on your server which you can run with a cron job.


I just registered for request the same thing. I don’t thin that @stefan-niedermann has correctly understood question here. I don’t think that php script on server side would make this to work since question is about deleting files locally on android device after some period of time after uploading image/video to nextcloud server. It would be great to have this functionality on mobile app where in auto upload settings when delete after upload is selected we could select how long after upload file should be deleted (instead of just after upload).


Indeed, thanks! - i am not aware of a solution though.