Deleted folders and files are re-created by another user

[Edit] I post here because I can’t validate my Github issue… no idea why. I finally succeed to create my issue: [Bug]: Deleted folders and files are re-created by another user · Issue #5342 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub [/Edit]

Some deleted shared sub-folders are systematically recreated by another user. At the same time, some other folders can be deleted.

I notice this on an instance with a group of about 20 users hosted on a server with high CPU load average. And also on another server with no load, and less than 10 users.

This occurs only with Windows users.

When looking at history of this file in “Activity” app, only “creation” is logged.
When looking at databases operations, we can see successively:

  • deleted_self by User A
  • created_self by User B

I don’t have any error in server logs. Everything looks like normal operations, as if User B have really created a new folder.


  1. A folder shared with a group of users
  2. User A deletes a folder
  3. Few seconds later, User B re-create this same folder

Technical infos:

  • Server: Nextcloud 24.0.7
  • Clients: 3.6.4
  • DBMS: PostgreSQL
  • Web server: Apache and nginx concerned
  • PHP: 7.4 (libapache2-mod-php7.4) and 8.0-FPM
  • no encryption
  • internal user backend

I see these threads, but no solution neither workaround:

I don’t have yet logs from a Nextcloud client that recreates file. I will try soon, but in case you already face this problem and have solution…

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