Deleted folder always being created by other users


I have a shared folder among a group of users. I deleted one of the folder from web interface or local disk. After a while, it’s back because re-created by other user. It’s not created manually, seems created as a part of the sync process. Then I deleted the folder again. After a while, it’s back again.

Don’t know what’s the logic behind this behavior. I thought the latest operation (deletion) from me should be the final state of the folder. Why is it created again by other user’s sync process?


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Yes normally it is supposed that the deletion is propagated to all clients. Normally you can see in your logfiles who (which IP) added the folder again. If it is always the same client, you can ask to start the client with logging enabled (

With a logfiles, the developers should be able to figure out why the client uploads the folder again.