Deleted files sections missing in the UI Nextcloud AIO

After I updated the nextcloud aio to the new version in the UI the deleted files section is missing, and is also showing no files, but I have files.

Hi, can you restore a backup?

Hi! Yes I have one but with the same problems, because of that issue I backed up this nextcloud and I restored the backup on my local server, and same problem with the deleted files section and no files in here. UPDATE, I’ve managed to fix it (kind off). I updated the nextcloud aio by switching to the beta channel, now I have deleted files back, but the no files in here issue still persists. I’ve noticed that if I press on external storage and go back to files, they appear but is annoying to do that every time. The strange part is that this method fixed the nextcloud aio at my home and the files appear so the deleted files section, but the server with the problem is another one (hosted on oracle)

EDIT: now the files suddenly appears as normal on the server with the problem. I really don’t know what happend, but nextcloud is weird :slight_smile: .