Deleted files re-appearing

We have users moving/archiving folder quite a bit (end of the year stuff), but found the files removed come back a few days later.

I don’t even know how to begin to troubleshoot this.

I am trying to see if there’s a log somewhere that will chronicle the life of files/folders (which created, who synced, who modified, who synced updates, who modified further, who synced more, who moved, who synced the changes, etc.)

I looked at “nextcloud.log”, but it doesn’t show that.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Happy New Year!


the activities app might be what you are looking for.

Thanks @anon99283430 for suggesting Activities app for monitoring.

So I tried to set this up (following instruction found here…according to this page, though, emails are sent via a cron job.

I entered an email address in my account, configured Email Server (tested with “Send mail” of course), went to Activity settings and was surprised that it was already configured. I changed the “Send emails” to “As soon as possible”. I went back to crontab, but I couldn’t find any changes.

So how does the notification work? Second question, where does emails go to? Just to “Admins”? Can I designate email addresses other than Admins?