Deleted contacts are recreated (expected to be removed permanently)

I have some problems with contacts.
Sometime it happens that deleted contacts are recreated back (after few days).
Sometime they are removed permanently as expected.
Do you experience such a behaviour?

Last time I had a case, a user deleted 21 contacts (on Monday and Tuesday).
On Wednesday they were recreated.

I compared oc_cards. uid of recreated contacts with apache logs and I suspect one laptop which was turned off for a long time, c.a. 2 weeks or more ( Outlook + CalDavSyncronizer ).
Apache log contained PUT lines with IP address, matching user name and matching uid(s) of recreated contacts.

In my NextCloud network I have:

  • NextCloud 16.0.7 set on debian 9 updated to 10.
  • about 13 Outlook + CalDavSyncronizer 3.7.0
  • some Androids + CalDav or OpenSync
  • some Apple iOS (iPods)
  • some Apple OS-X / MacOS

I read the chapter “Conflict resolution” from CalDavSynchronizer
All my CalDavSncronizer(s) are set with “Two ways synchronization” and “Conflict resolution” “Automatic” so I expect the contacts to be removed permanently.

that’s not a problem of contacts… maybe setting something like “server is leading” in caldavsnyc would help here.

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