Deleted Calendars Re-Appear When Syncing


I am trying to sync my nextcloud calendar with a number of devices (iPhone, Outlook 2019, etc.). On Outlook 2019 (Windows) with z-push/exchange, everything is correctly syncing but it is also showing a number of test calendars I made long ago and have since deleted. I do not see these old calendars on my iPhone or on my Nextcloud site.

Any idea where these may be coming from and how I can re-delete them?

Nextcloud 17.0.6 with Calendar 2.0.3 and SQLite installed through Mail-In-A-Box

Check if the calendars still exist on Nextcloud. If not, it might be possible that OL or the used sync adapter are caching the information. It might be worse to get in touch with the z-push support to investigate further.

Thank you, it seems to have been a database issue somehow. I do not know why they were not showing up in Nextcloud, but using an SQLite browser I found that the calendars in question were still listed in the table “oc_calenders” in owncloud.db. I simply deleted them from the tables and the calendars disappeared in Outlook 2019.

Interestingly, none of these calendars were ever detected on Nextcloud, iOS, or macOS - only when syncing with z-push.