Deleted appdata_(instaceID) Folder - What Now?

I’ll be brief, I did a “rm -rf” on the wrong data directory “appdata_xxxxxxxxxxxx” folder, whoops.

I did see the post here to delete the entire folder than run the command “sudo -u www-data php occ config:system:delete your-old-id-here” but I dont know where that instance ID can be found…

Anything else for next steps? Any logfiles to look at? I have a data backup but I’m concerned about corruption, ect.


Two ideas:

a.) install new and restore nextcloud-data and nextcloud-db
You can make a new installation and restore your data und db. Than all is fine.

b.) Install a test system (perhaps other hardware) with the same apps
After install copy the appdata_… folder to your production system.
But i do not know the correct appdata-folder-name. Perhaps you find it in the configuration or in the database of your first nextcloud. Perhaps someone helps. Then rename the folder to the correct name.

Perhaps b.) does not work.