Delete multiple emails at once

I wonder how I can delete multiple emails in the Nextcloud Email App at once.
So far the fastest method is the “Delete” key though

  1. that is really tiring when you want to delete over 1000 emails and
  2. you have to do the same thing again in the trash
    Is there no other option?

we have multiselect

Hi Christoph,
i face the same Problem in “Mail”: When clicking on the first Mail, holding Shift and the clicking on another mail, Chrome opens up a new window instead of selecting Multiple Mails.
Any hint for this?


multiselect via keyboard is not supported yet, I think, but maybe try shift+click on the checkbox instead of clicking the message

Thanks Christoph, that worked for me. Was a little tricky to find, as we are all used to ctrl+a…

Have a good start in the Day!

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