Delete messages & chats


imho this is much more than an enhancement but rather essential:

e.g. we gonna share a video of an antifascist panel discussion and it’s crcuial to be able to moderate the conversation when nazi trolls show up.


May I ask for the purpose of this thread?

It’s an attempt to underline the perceived relevance of this issue due to the low priority and the closed discussion over at github.

I think @devnull raises a relevant question:


No it wont. The only non-natural way to make it come to the top faster is to sign a subscription with it
So we can on board more people to work on it, or if someone from the community steps up and does it.

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Well its closed for a reason (see last comment there, and the same thing is happening here.

And as a reply to that. yes it is, any admin can remove the messages in the database with a single query. no big issue at all. also messages are not GDPR, your name, ip and email address are.