Delete LDAP profile and User


first i have no problems with remnants or something like that. User are correct mark as deleted when they gone from LDAP.

Now i have a scenario where i have to ask:

I have 2 LDAP Profiles:

profile1) ldap://company1 -> login with email:
profile2) ldap://company2 -> login with email:

Now i have to disconnect and delete profile2 with all users and their home directories. I simple tried to delete profile 2 but the users were not set to remnant. When im trying to delete a user via occ i receive the message, User does not exist! That makes sense, because i deleted the LDAP profile. I reverted my LDAP profiles and just wanna ask now:

How can i set all company2 user to remnants manually? I cant delete the users in LDAP from copany2!

How can i handle this?


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Any idea someone?


Im still looking for a solution.

Does anyone has an idea how to set users manually to remnant?