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I have erroneously created an “Integration”: Open In CryptPad - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud . I actually wanted to add an “App” (which I did successfully). In the “Account” page I can modify the integration, but I can not delete it.

How can I delete an integration from ?

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Wolfgang Ginolas

I fear, you are out of luck deleting the integration yourself. See this comment.

Maybe someone from the NC company may at least point you in the right direction (@blizzz)?

Hi @wginolas :slight_smile:

You can delete your app with this API/REST : Store REST API — nextcloudappstore 2.0.0 documentation .

For example, with curl :

curl -X DELETE<appid>/releases/<release-appId> -u "login:password"

An example with a fictional application “MyNotes” where I would like to delete the release 4.0 :

curl -X DELETE -u "foobar:password-strong-1234"

If you want to delete the application completly you can use this API/Rest : Store REST API — nextcloudappstore 2.0.0 documentation

Are you intending to remove an app or an integration registered in the app store? For apps, you can use the REST as suggested by @z4k. For integrations, I doubt it, but you could have a try. Just be prepared to readd the app in case.

Arf… Good question ! I didn’t know there was a difference :confused:

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Thanks! I was able to delete an “Integration” with this API call: Store REST API — nextcloudappstore 2.0.0 documentation


You’re welcome ! :wink: