Delete files via FTP in "/data/usernames/files/" – problems to expect?

We are using NC 23. The folder “/data/usernames/files/” (“usernames” are one folder per user) contains the NC default files (photos, a video, some PDFs), which are quite large and not useful for anybody. Also we don’t use the file sharing at all (only the calendar).

Can I just delete these files via FTP within the “files” folders or do I get inconsistencies then? Maybe the files also have to be removed in the database?

What I already did is to disable the copying of these files to new user accounts from now on. But I want to get rid of the files in old accounts.

Read for new users.

If you delete with FTP you must use

sudo - u www-data php occ files:scan --all

Why not allow sharing? You can restrict it e.g. to 1 GB per user.

Thank you very much, that worked.

Because we already used our own/custom file-sharing solution and Nextcloud for the calendar only came later. We would use the file-sharing of NC when we would have discovered NC earlier.

Yes. But you could use two solutions. I don’t understand why people and companies always try to implement exactly one software solution. Or do they always serve the same food in the canteen?

Probably a question of safety. People like to assume that two solutions would be more unsafe than one solution. But that is not true. In that case, there should only be one type of car on the roads.

And you have to patch the Nextcloud anyway.