Delete file – other users can see them

Hey there,

I’m using the new nextcloud version 11.0.1 on a web hosting server. If I delete one file or folder, the other users still can see it. It’s the same when one user deletes a file, I still can see it.

How to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.

What do you exactly mean, are these shared files/folders? External storage? Can you give more background?

I installed nextcloud on my hosting package. After that I created a new user called “user1” and a new folder called “abc”. I shared this folder with user1. Then I wanted to delete this folder and it works fine with my account. But if I logged in with user1, I still can see the folder “abc”.

If you share a folder with all permissions, the other user can make changes within the folder. But if you “delete” the folder itself, it actually unshares the folder. Not sure if we can perhaps improve the interface and use a different symbol for it @jan?

Do you mind opening this as an issue on our issue tracker at so we can properly plan how to do it there? :slight_smile: