Delete extension file by mistake when rename it

I rename a file (docx) and by error, I delete the extension the file name changed but was with no extension the NextCloud did not recognize the file, and was not possible open it when I add the extension again was possible open it, is any way to avoid delete the extension? or Nextcloud was made with the option to change the extension


If you change the file “test.docx” to “test” and rename it again to “test.docx” you should be able to open it again like before.

Please provide details.


Well, usually, that’s the way a computer work’s …
You can change, modify names and extensions as you see fit’s.

Same as for a website …

After that, as human nature is prompt to strange acts, you cannot ask a proven system to deal with all the “stuff” you can image at first hand.

If you want do deal with having lost the extinction of a file (docx) you may try to rely on metadata within the file…

Have fun with it … the normal way is so simple