Delete a single instance of event from a recurring event

I would like to delete a single instance of event from a recurring event without deleting the entire recurring event.

like this…


I think there is already a discussion ongoing how to improve the handling of recurring events. See for more details.



The current UI is deleting the whole series of that event!


NC 15.0.7 & Calendar 1.6.5

Sorry, but the Calendar app currently doesn’t support editing complex recurring rules, although they’re correctly stored in the database and can be added by other applications, like e.g. Thunderburd/Lightning. There are still some issues open covering this kind of functionality

Yes, it does. But only for creating events.

Only deleting a single event of a series does not work.

I wrote

not creating repeating events :wink: No question, you can create standard repeating events but you cannot create events with exceptions, like shifting times for a single event, nor can you delete single events in a series.