Delayed release of dockerhub images

Hi Folks,

just a short question. Is there a reason/need for the delayed release of new versions on dockerhub? Since one week my Nextcloud is nagging me to update to newest Version (20.0.7), but there is no release on dockerhub yet. Docker Hub
Should that not be automized by a CI/CD pipeline and always hit dockerhub after a github release?

Thanks for any background information.

Mh, should i open an issue on github then? if you @kesselb are right, this is a pipeline bug and not an intended behavior. I’ll wait until tomorrow if any response pop up here and then nag the devs on github.

No. Go to the other thread and read it.

Ahh, ok. i did not visualize that your answer is a link to another thread :smiley:
Thanks a lot!