Delayed photo upload possible?

I’m using the nextcloud app to auto save my pictures from my phone to my Nextcloud. It’s working fine. Maybe too fine…
I often make pictures, I don’t wanna keep. Pictures, that aren’t good, or pictures that I only need for some minutes. But the app uploads all pictures immediately, even if I delete them direct after shooting them.

Is there a way to only upload pictures, that are maybe an hour old or so?

I typically configure mine (Android) to Only upload while charging. It’s an option under the 3-dots menu for each auto upload source.


Didn’t thought of that before. It’s not the solution I wanted, but maybe a compromise I can live with…
Thanks jtr!

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My solution to this would be FolderSync app, this allows you to have finegrained sync options like direction, sync schedule, how to handle deletions, exceptions and much more
so i have it sync pictures → folderA with deletions synced and move pictures → folderB for files older than 90days
this causes my phone to hold only fotos of the last 3 months, keeping my storage from runing out, my nextcloud to have all my pictures that my phone has, but if i delete a pic from my phone it will also be deleted in folderA where the content of my phone is mirrored.