Delay file synchronization of certain files to server

There are files I will sometimes work on and continually save, and they’re relatively big. Because of this, the client is continually syncing with the server which is hogging my network bandwidth (both locally and remotely) and doing unnecessary writes to the server. Not a big deal if delta syncing was a thing, but since Nextcloud doesn’t have that feature, is there a way to have files with certain tags and delay its upload to the server?

That’s not possible at the moment. You can of course pause the client.

There was a feature request for a grace period:

Tagging is not synced to the client so far (I think). Could be a nice option, feel free to check on the bugtracker and contribute to the discussion of existing feature request or open your own.

Great thank you for pointing me to this! Perhaps I could sway people into doing a pause in the meantime