Degree of Compatibility between Browsers and Operating Systems?

Hi all! First time poster; I hope this is the right category.

I hope to hear general feedback from this community on how compatible the Nextcloud documents are for clients of different operating systems and browsers. From my experience with Google Docs, even browser-based document suites can have issues.

I ask this because I am in an organization with controlled documentation and periodic auditing. If a document, printed in a different OS or browser, causes a table to be wonky or a line to trail onto a separate page, it will likely cause auditor suspicion and hassle overall.


In that case I’d advise against using office at all since also Desktop versions are incompatible. Have you looked at latex or markdown?

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Hey Bernhard! Thanks for the reply.

I have not considered those. They do look a little “codey” for what I expect some to be comfortable with. That might simply be the cost for real compatibility, though. Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely look into these.

If anyone has any further comments or suggestions, I would appreciate it.