Defining a flow by your own?

dear forumists,

i am sure that some of you guys already have defined their own flows. i wasn’t able to manage defining my own one.

what i wanted to do is … creating a new file in one directory (by copying it from an external source)… (that’s already possible, of course)

then the selfcreated flow should move the file into another directory on the same account (for certain reasons it’s impossible to directly copying it in that 2. directory, directly)

the file will be a pdf-file.

i tried to get it working with a run script flow… but wells :man_shrugging:

i’ll appreciate any ideas that you might come up with.

thank you in advance (if someone would need more infos about my server/setting/etc - just ask, i just thought you wouldn’t need more so far than: nc18.0.4)

awww and of course i searched the forum but didn’t find any questione regarding the new flow feature…


If I understand correctly, you want that when a file is created in a folder /myfolder/subfolder1 for exemple, then you create a pdf version in /myfolder/subfolder2 ?

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almost right…

the incoming file on subdirectory 1 is either pdf or jpg.
and should end up on subdirectory 2 either as pdf or jpg (so not neccessarily a format-change… but yes… it would be possible)

And what about incron ? You can write a bash script

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darn. i really didnt think about that. you’re right. damn. that could be a path to follow.


i was just blown away by this idea of setting up a flow by my own. and all of the rest was forgotten immediately.

Its interesting as a little project. It makes me want to start a git project

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so now… ummm… where do i look for incoming files when they are stored to a nc-mounted smb/cfis-file? it is NOT under the expected user-path… :thinking:

Cant you know where are these file ?
The problem is that the files are on another server ?

well at least it’s not in the expected subfolder where i mounted this smb-folder to.

like i mounted it to user1 in a folder one down from root… thus in a folder called folder1.
so i can see it from user1 by going in to that folder.
but when i try to reach it from shell that folder (…/data/user1/files/folder1) seems to be empty. nothing in it.

yes… the smb/cfis-folder is on another server in the same lan.
so i would need to mount that share on commandline as well?

Sorry but im not really familiar with smb.
Maybe you can install incron on this other server ?

that’s impossible… a closed system for me.

Sorry but I dont know, I cant help you

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no problem, my dear bastien. thanks for chiming in here, though… i really appreciate that

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