Define role associated local folders

In my church the computer is used by many different users having different roles. When logging in on the net I can define which users should have access to which folders depending on their roles.

On the PC the users log in to different accounts. When I use the Nextcloud client and want to work against the local files I woder if I can restrict access to the local folders depending on the roles of the PC-user. I assume I can use a local folder structure for each users role, but that would waste harddisk space as some folders will be duplicates. Is it possible to have all files in the common documents space which can be accessed by all users but still define different access rights to the NC folders?

I would create a separate account for every user. Each user can sync their files locally - the operating system will take care of local files access separation. For shared files you can use groupfolders app.

If you enable VFS unused files will no take any local storage (but depending on the usage frequency there still could be duplicates)

Thanks for your comment. Each user have a separate account but only 0.1GB space. I do not want them to save personal files on the NC. We have about 15 groups and maybe 20 groupfolders. On the internet the users only have access to the groupfolders related to their roles in the organisation.
My question is if it is possible to have the same structure of folders locally and that the users have access only to the forders related to their roles in the organisation (youth leader, IT-technician, musician, ordinary members, economists etc).
That will of course work on their personal computer. On the shared PC in the church we have about 5 accounts with separate log-in and each of these accounts have separate harddisk space but also a common space that is shared with all users. Is it possible to have different folder-structures depending on these accounts or the NC users groups without duplicates for the folders that are overlapping for the users and the accounts?

But using VFS is maybe the answer. Each of the user account on the PC can have the links to the NC folders they should have access to on the net and it will not take up too much space although their may have access right to overlapping folders.