Default theme, change BG color

NC 14.0.4

While using the default theme, what are the steps to change the white background to greys? Use of pre-made themes is not the goal nor solution. This is a simple thing, but I’m stumped as I do not know the css structure to NC.

Thank you.




I never did any theming. I’m currently waiting for the NC dark theme, which looks similar, to be fully usable. This dark theme can be found under your personal settings under “Accessibility”.

However, when I wanted to start turning, I’d probably had a look into the developer tools of my browser. It let’s you analyze/ inspect the site including CSS. That should give the idea, what to change I’d say.

I think he means where to put the CSS files and also how to name them, correct?
I haven’t done that by myself, but have a look at these to create your own theme:

Theming Nextcloud:

SCSS files:

Eureka! The dark theme in Accessibility is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for the assist!

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