Default Sharing to Group

Is there a way to have all files uploaded to my NextCloud install default to being shared with a specific group?

I am looking to use NextCloud to share files between my development team and customers. I would like any file uploaded by anyone (my developers or customers) to be visible to the developers by default.

Should the files uploaded by customers be still visible for them? If no, should they been moved automatically?

Ideally, customers would still be able to see their own files.

Or, alternatively, moved to someone else then shared back to the original uploader.

If this isn’t an option, the ability for my people to be able to pick up the file uploaded by a customer is the most important bit. The basic idea is that if one developer is working with a customer and they are sending files back and forth (patches, log snippets, dump files, etc) but then that developer is out of the office (sick, vacation, etc) another developer can quickly and easily jump in.

then a combination of group folder (group folder app) and public shared subfolder (public link, password protect, no expiration date) might be an option for your case.

An alternative would be a folder shared with a group (developers) including a public shared subfolder (as described above)

I just gave this a try and it’s close to what I am looking for. The only issue that I can see is that the customer would need to select that folder and upload files into it rather than uploading into their root folder. I foresee issues with this and would like to make it as stupid simple on the customer side as possible.

The ideal solution would be that anything uploaded by [CustomerA] is automatically shared with the [Developers] group

Means your customers should have an account to your NC instance. (My description was for a scenario, where customers who don’t have an account and share via upload to a public link).

As far as I know it is not possible to share smb root folder.

I had intended to give the customers accounts, but actually a password-protected shared folder link with upload rights may also work. A bit simpler management as new accounts don’t need to be created/managed, but a bit messier in that it’s more complex to revoke access when/if necessary (although there are options like automatic delete 7 days to mitigate this)

Will poke around a bit more…

I like protected public links a lot (also used it in a scenario similar to yours).
For me there is no big difference between revoke access to a shared folder for a user or to revoke access to a shared link.
The part to get to the shared folder is more difficult (if you have auto deleting links) as customer must always search their mail for the latest link.