Default share folder option not available 28.0.5

Ubuntu 22.04
Apache 2.4.52
PHP version 8.1.2

Default share option folder not available in settings/user/sharing (UI)
Already configure in version 27 but not available in version 28.0.x

Working if the value add (mysql DB)

userid username
appid files_sharing
configkey share_folder
configvalue /folder_name

Hello. If it’s not difficult for you, could you check the syntax of the command to add/remove/change “share_folder”. There are some doubts that in any of the 27-29 versions everything is the same. This command will work on 28.0.5 ? :

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/..bla-bla-bla.../occ user:setting <user_name> files_sharing share_folder /<NameDir>

Thanks for the reply.
The command is working in terminal cmd, but why is not available in the preference web UI ?

I want to allow users to manage her own share folder preference.

This is a known issue. The code is still in place, but isn’t visible in the UI. The occ command can still be used to set it manually for a particular user, but obviously that’s not a reasonable workaround for a per-user setting.

Someone needs to dig into the underlying cause still. Here’s the issue tracking it: [Bug]: Custom share folder setting isn't displayed anymore · Issue #43905 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Assigning the share_folder and default_share_folder variables using occ in the latest current version of nextcloud does not affect the permissions for created shares in any way.
Shares are created, registered in the oc_preferences table, but permissions are stored in the oc_share table and do not appear there.
I still don’t understand what the difference is for the user between the shared resources share_folder and default_share_folder, and if someone explained it, I would be grateful.
User-created shares can be easily tracked, controlled and edited directly in oc_share. The table is obvious.
In previous versions of nextcloud, how could you use occ to change permissions on previously created shares by the user?

A small update: it’s fixed and will be in the next maintenance releases of 28 and 29.

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Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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