Default settings for users

Hey guys,

I have a nextcloud with many users. I do not want them to see each others e-mail-adresses. Thatswhy I want to set the e-mail-adress to “private” in the personal settings of every user by default. I do not want to disable the autocomplete of the usernames when sharing items in the global settings because I think it is a useful tool when it comes to usernames.

Is it possible to set the e-mail-adress to private in the default user settings? Is there any trick like a snippet of code which sets the option when registering a new user?


Allow username autocompletion in share dialog

Doesn’t that setting prevent this?

Yea, it does but than autocompletion for usernames doesn’t work any more which is a feature I also want to use.

Then you have to modify the source code to remove email addresses from the dropdown menu. I’m assuming that’s what you’re talking about. I don’t think it’s more then one or two lines of code.

Are you sure that totally prevents users from reading each others e-mail-adresses? Its for security reasons so it must be a secure solution.

I have got no idea how to find these lines of code. Have you got a hint how to find them?

Nope! And if you need that kind of security you should consider throwaway emails or hiring someone to audit the code.

Use notepad++ or something similar to find the functions.