Default Directory - Mobile App

Hi All,

Does anybody know of a way for Nextcloud to maintain its position in the directory tree, while editing a document in a separate app, in iOS… let me explain a little better:

What i am currently doing, is opening a file from the NextCloud iOS app (a PDF), and sending it to GoodNotes so i can edit it. Once i am done in GoodNotes, i export it back to NextCloud, and NextCloud takes me to the top of the directory tree.
*I am not doing anything between these steps, that would cause the NextCloud app to go back to the top directory.

Sometimes i am several folders deep, and have to go looking for the original folder i was in. The previous application i was using was SharePlus, it does take me back to my original folder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


there is currently no user way to change this behaviour.

There is only one way:
Go to GitHub ( and search the issues. If you do not find anything related you should file a new issue.