Decryption won't work after update to 12.0.3

Steps to reproduce

  1. Update Nextcloud to 12.0.3
  2. Send yourself a reset password link by mistyping your password at login(normal user)
  3. Set another password (not the same)
  4. The files still encrypted
  5. No field or pop-up message (personal information) to type in your password to decrypt your files.
  6. Tried to type the old password into the password section.

Expected behaviour

In a future version (12.0.1 I think) you were able to set in the section “personal information” the encryptionkey and the files were decrypted. Now there is no field.
Also no pop-up message appears which is asking a user to type in his “encryption key”.

I’ve tried to reset my password through an amdin user. I typed in my password and logged in but the files still not downloadable.

Can’t read file
multikeydecrypt with share key failed:error:0E06D06C:configuration file routines:NCONF_get_string:no value

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@bjoern can you help?