Deck notifications come much too early

For me, the notifications that a deck card is due appear far too early. About an hour too early.
For example, I have a card here that is due at 3 p.m. and I have already received a reminder for this card at just after 2 p.m…
Screenshot 2021-08-16 141523

Is there anywhere I can set when the bank notifications appear?
The message in Nextcloud shows that the card is due in 5 minutes, but much earlier there is a message that the card is already overdue.
Screenshot 2021-08-16 145542

One more thing I found:
Maybe it has something to do with this strange behaviour.
I create a new card with due time 7pm:
Screenshot 2021-08-16 181355

Then I activate the button to show the boars in Tasks and Calendar:
Screenshot 2021-08-16 181621

The board with the new card is shown in Tasks, but with a wrong time 5pm. 2 hours to early.
Screenshot 2021-08-16 181559

But where does this error arise?

Probably a problem with timezones/UTC offsets…

Yes, that was my first thought.
But where?
The raspi system time is correct.

I don’t think that it’s a client sided problem but within the app on the server.

My nextcloud is running on my raspi “raspi server”.
Yes, I guess too that it must be server sided, because I get the wrong notifications on Windows clients and also Android phones.

I just had a look at Github, there are already a few issues filed for the inconsistent usage of timestamps. So the problem is already known, but as it looks nobody found time to solve it by now.

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Yes, you are right.

looks exactly like my problem.

Ok, there are some more issues in GitHub with the same reason, I guess.
The oldest is filed as a bug:

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