Deck iOS handling

I like to use Nextcloud (22) and would like to use all apps that replace shareware. Specifically, I would like to replace Trello with Decks.
Especially, I want to create a shopping list (with my wife) and a to-do list (for me).

In the browser, you can work with the deck quite well. Everything necessary is available and easy to use. Great work.
But unfortunately the handling on the cell phone, on my iPhone 11 Pro, is a disaster. Is it the same for you?
If I want to click on something, nothing happens. If I want to move left or right, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes I move a map away, sometimes it zooms …
I have noticed that if I tap twice (with my finger), then I can perform an operation (move, move image, click, …).

I tested this on iOS (15) with Safari and Firefox. The (unofficial) iOS Deck app is unfortunately very limited. Therefore useless for me.

Is there a trick how to operate Deck on iOS mobile and?
How do you guys do it?

Thanks a lot.

Just an idea:
Use the task list of a calendar. Share the calendar with your wife. Now you can easily use the reminder app of iOS to collaborate for your shopping list.

Same as above. Works absolutely reliable.

I (we) have tried, but it has always become too complicated, complex and messy.
How do I divide the shopping list by butcher, baker, drugstore, …? Each a separate calendar for it? How do I quickly, easily and comfortably retrieve old entries without having type everything in again?
Same with the ToDo list …

What is the sense of Deck?

rakekniven just gave you some tips for a workaround. Of course it is better to get the app running better.

There is a bug tracker for that: GitHub - StCyr/deck-react-native

I just discovered the app myself this week, so I need to check it out for myself first.

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Please see the readme at deck/ at master · nextcloud/deck · GitHub

Using separate calendars would be overkill. Like always it dependes on your function requirements. See my comment below.

This is a special use case. Personally we use , but that is not related to Nextcloud.

I didn’t mean to answer negatively. I have only tried this and found it not practical. I was just wounded that the first answer is that I shouldn’t use Deck .

Is this the right forum? I thought the link what rakekniven posted refers to the deck app!?

Hello @Crys ,

there is a server app called Deck. For this I provided the link.
As soon as the server app is installed and working you can use it on your mobile in your browser.
@tflidd gave you a link to the native iOS implementation as an app for your iPhone.

I did not meant to not use deck. But for a simple ToDo list it might be a bit oversized. Thats just my opinion.
And specially for a shopping list with categories, stores, repeating selections it is not the best choice.

The server deck app I can recommend without any doubt, specially if more than one person is working on tasks.

Since there are no screenshots or similar on the Git page, I didn’t know what the “surface” is. I wrote with the author and tested the dev version… and it is unfortunately the iOS version, with very few features (as written in my initial post; this is the one I meant).

After all, it’s not a “simple” list, therefore Deck.
Shopping list according to different stores, urgencies, with descriptions, … and especially also on the PC / laptop operable. I do not go into detail now or wanted to go with it in the first post …

Deck or the calendar/tasks list?

Both of them.

If a shopping list is just a list of bullet items, both (deck and calendar tasks ) are fine.

It looks this is not the case and for your requirement it will be hard to use deck. Specially if you are on a grocery store I find it hard because it does not provide you an easy list to check your shopped items.
But you can try and report back how it works.

I kept tasting and looking around. In the end, I decided on “grocy”. Self hosted and great mobile app.
The program can do much more than I need, but also just what I need. I can highly recommend it :+1: