Deck iOS app not working for non admin accounts

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Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): **Nextcloud Hub 3 (25.0.2)**
Operating system and version :'Ubuntu 20.04Apache or nginx version _(eg, Apache 2.4.25)_: Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu)PHP version _(eg, 7.4)_:php 7.4.2`

The issue you are facing:
Trying to use deck iOS app for my brothers non admin account. He is admin on a group. After login, the app just goes to a blank white screen. The only option is to delete the app (closing the app doesn’t work) to try and login again.

My account which is admin account works logging into deck. I can see my personal boards and shared group board which is what my brother would like to see.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? _(Y/N) Y

Steps to replicate it:

**1. Log into Deck iOS app with non admin account **
2. blank white screen
3. close app, reopen, same white screen.
4. delete app
5. attempt login again to get same result with a non admin account.

Not sure what information would be needed here? Any direction and I will paste the results to help resolve this.


This app:
There you have the bug tracker: GitHub - meltzow/deck-ng

It seems other have had a similar problem already:

Thats for a different app. I’m using Nextcloud Deck iOS app?

And on the app details (page in appstore, or within the app), there is no way to contact the developer or to the bug tracker etc. I didn’t find an obvious repository for this app at Nextcloud · GitHub

what would that indicate to someone not so dev savvy?

You found the answer here: