Deck, how do comments work exactly?


I’m using the Deck app with multiple users. I’m interested in using comments on cards to discuss the task. However, there is no documentation on how comments actually behave. Specifically, what I am interested in is the use of @ to refer to a user in the comment. What exactly happens when I do that? Do they get a notification of any kind? If so, how exactly do they receive the notification? Do they need to log into Nextcloud to see it?

Yes, mentioning a user with @username will result in the user being notified. Every user him/her self can set how he wants to get notified in this case (see settings → activity). In this screenshot the last entry:

A push notification can be recived with the desktop and andrid clients, E-Mail is self explaining :wink:

Thanks! I hadn’t seen this and couldn’t find docs anywhere.

The user documentation is basically hosted at Though it is outdated and incomplete and contributions to the documentation (see here) are very welcome and will help also other people :slight_smile:

(There is also the label docs for issues related to the documentation, but currently the only issues labeled with docs are pretty technically and targeting the REST-API instead of the user manual.)

I may get round to a PR for this, but probably not this month