Deck <==> emails, group folders and links, wysiwg editor in email

Hi All,
thanks for such a wonderful product. I suggest below three features that would increase our productivity.

1- The ability to convert/attach email to a deck card (and the ability to email a deck card).
2- The ability to rename group folders/files within group folders without breaking associated shared links (maybe more a bug mention than a feature request?).
3- The ability to use colors, bold and italic fonts in the email app (this is the main reason we use rainloop instead of the default app).

Happy holidays!


Hello Pier-André,

all three suggestions from you sound very useful.
Please check issues at GitHub for each app. Maybe your issues have already been adressed.
Otherwise feel free to file new ones.

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

Hey, i found two links that might be relevant for your requests:

  1. Check out mail2deck
  2. No idea, sorry
  3. More formatting options · Issue #4707 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub

Have a nice christmas everybody :christmas_tree:

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Thanks. I will look into it.