Deck Comments erratic and show HTML in Mobile Clients


We are exploring using Nextcloud Deck combined with Comments to collaborate, however, we finding Nexcloud Deck comments to behave erratically and are unusable.

Expected Behaviour

Being able to write text with links and markdown in a plain text area box and when saved and then viewed the text is rendered with links and markdown as HTML in all clients and a user can click the links to open a web page in a browser.

Actual Behaviour

All Clients

  1. The order of comments is not the same from one client to the next and is not in chronological order. Comments submitted on the web client will often display in a different order in Android or IOS.

Web Client

  1. Using the enter key submits the comment instead of creating a new line. This is very frustrating as on regular bases we submit incomplete comments and are forced to edit them, and we are forced to use the very unintuitive shift enter to create new lines.
  2. On save/submit of comments there is this odd behaviour where all the text collapses into one line and then a few seconds later renders back to how I typed it.

Mobile Clients

  1. On both Andriod and IOS, comments that have anything more than plain text ends up displaying HTML in the client instead of rendering it.
    EG: <div data-v-20428f72=""><p data-v-30428f2="">something.</p></div>.
  2. On the odd occasion that a URL is rendered as a link, when clicked it does not open a browser and we are forced to attempt to copy and paste the text into a browser.


Is the Nextcloud comment infrastructure shared? In other words are comments on files managed by the same code as in Deck? Some of our frustrations are common, but Deck comments seem to be far more buggy than others.

What I would Like To See

When I think about the best comment and discussion use experiences I find plan text area boxes that at most only detect @ mentions and emoticons, allowing me to type freely and easily. Enter creates new lines and I can easily format the text using markdown.

From GitHub to these forums, this is the best text comment experience that comes to mind.

With Nextcloud I have nothing but frustration regarding comments with the Deck comment experience being the worst of all.

I have not looked at the code yet but I have a feeling that the Nextcloud comments are trying to be and do more in the editing pain than is necessary. Maybe its attempting to be a inline rich text editor or something similar.

The edges of the text are not visible and it’s like a lot of effort and energy has gone into trying to make the editing pane seem seamless, with no real visual state changes between edit and viewing. Unfortunately it creates the opposite experience with it drawing attention to how different to normal expected behaviour comments are in Nextcloud.

What is wrong with a plain old text area?

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It’s actually an inline Markdown editor, based on for the better or the worse. I personally would prefer a dual-pane Markdown editor that have two separate pans, one for editing in clear text and one for the actual Markdown preview (like the editor of this forum) or at least you should be able to switch between the clear text and the Markdown view. But that’s me, I could imagine that the Nextcloud developers deliberately choose to use an inline editor, because for most “normal” users a classic WYSIWYG experience is probably more intuitive.