Deck App - Bugs are not being fixed

We do cross our fingers and hope for bug fixes before each update (we are currently running deck 1.2.7). Unfortunately, some really annoying bugs are not being fixed and the “core developer” @juliushaertl is not replying to our messages. We are willing to pay for fixes and new features. Does anyone know what’s going on? Are there major improvements in nextcloud 21?

Our “favorite” atm: Deck app does not update/refresh the project attachments/linking · Issue #2485 · nextcloud/deck · GitHub

Edit: The whole support experience is really disappointing. We tried to contact nextcloud many times and also mentioned that we are willing to pay, without success. In the meantime we do have a newer version of nextcloud and some bugs have been fixed, which is great.

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I think he is working with Nextcloud, so larger companies can subscribe to their support. For individuals or small companies that is more difficult. Ideally you can code yourself or have someone in your company that you can ask, or use the freelancing section here:

There are a few topics around here how to give some financial incentives to solve certain issues. Or even develop specific features.

For apps, it’s good to have several developers and not everything is just back to one developer. If they are not working for Nextcloud, these are open people working in their free time. Ideally, we would have more developers around in the Nextcloud ecosystem that you can even pay to get some work done.