"Deck also features live editing of boards by multiple people" -- How does this work?

How do I enable the live editing? I presume “live” means you can see changes being made by others in real-time.

If I open two browser windows, there isn’t any “live” activity when editing in one window. (I even tried two different browsers; I also tried impersonating someone else in one of the browsers.) It appears that whichever window edits last wins, but changes are generally only picked up with a page refresh or moving to a different board and back again (or maybe opening the card).

I have two NC26 instances and they both seem to work similarly.

I have tried editing the title, adding tags, editing the description, adding comments, and moving the card, and none of them appear to be “live” to me.


That feature relies on the “Client Push” app to be installed and configured (thus the reference to “notify_push” in the Deck documentation – this is not just some obscure library or API, but an additional required app).

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