Decentralized Backup Storage

Hello nextclouders,

I was thinking about a solution to store files safely without loosing them in case the private storage breaks down.

So my idea was to create a network where everyone determines an amount of disc space of which a certain percentage can be used for own purpose and the rest is shared with the community. Depending on the level of security, the files are stored more often which means you can only use for example one third or one fourth of the determined disc space for your own. The files will then be split, encrypted and distributed around the network using whatever method suits best.

Since I am not a software developer I have no idea about the technical implementation.

Let me know what you think that idea.

Greetings, Marvin

For redundancy, worth trying out Tahoe LAFS. Your data is split between a number of users so it can be recovered even after x users go offline. A user of the forum says they created an integration, but never released it publicly.

IPFS. It has a preliminary test integration available, but that isn’t ready for prime time yet as a integration. Works well on it’s own.

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