Debian9 and nextcloudpi

Hello everyone,
I have some trouble about how to configure NextcloudPI.

I explain:
I installed Virtualbox on Win10.
On the virtual box I installed the latest version of Debian.
Then I installed NextcloudPI with the Curl Installer.

The installation has ended by asking me to type:

type ‘sudo ncp-config’ to configure ncp, or access ncp-web on https://<this_ip>:4443

I tried to access the NCP-web but I failed.

I guess it not really complex but maybe I will need some extra step because it runs through a virtual machine?

Am pretty new with linux and nextcloud I tried to read a bit everywhere but it remain a bit confusing to me, I would appreciate any help that will help me to understand better.

thank you.

I just created a NCP VM that is on the testing stage.

You can download it and have a look at it

For virtualbox you will have to convert it to vmdk or vdi with the command VBoxManage

The link is dead,

You mean I can download a nextcloud VM ready to use, better than install NextcloudPI by Curl ?

that’s right

it’s not on testing anymore

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Yesterday I made a nextcloud on Ubuntu, but I am not a big fan of Ubuntu haha.
I will give a try to your VM nextcloud, it sound you made my dream come true :smiley:

I will try it fast as possible,
Any tips or trick for the installation?

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Could you please convert it into VDI ? :pray:

You can convert it with the command in the article

# VBoxManage convertfromraw NextCloudPi_VM_10-22-18.img NCPVM102218.vmdk --format VMDK
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