Deactivate User Account

Hi there,

would it be possible to deactivate a User Account (for a specific time) so he cant login anymore?
Have you thought about this?

It is possible via the occ-command:

Integration in the user-interface is planned for NC 12.

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Is it also possible to reactivate a deactivated user account? I am running NC12.0.5 and deactivated a user in the webinterface. but it completely disappearded… anyway how i can bring it back or completely delete it?

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I second grafsimeon’s post: At the moment disabled users vanish from user-interface - an expected behavior would be, that reenabling or deleting of disabled users could be done from webinterface and disabled users can be seen in the user-interface - marked as disabled.

No problem to enable a disabled user in the web interface with 12.0.5.

Thanks @anon99252149. Please give me a hint: Where can I see a disabled user? In ‘Users’ the disabled user is not listed anymore (tested under 12.0.5 and 13.0.0)

Users | Sidebar | Disabled => End of Line of the user “…” | Enable

Restriction: Group Admins cannot see the disabled users of their group. Maybe this is fixed in NC13.

Fixed in NC13 and will be fixed in NC 12.0.6.

Thanks ThomasMarx - that’s exactly what I would expect… But the moment I disable a user it is gone from the list an can’t be found again. I am admin of this cloud. NC 13.0.0 - There seems to be another problem.
I can reenable only via occ.

I think so. An admin should see the tab (disabled) and the users within.

Thanks for your prompt help.

Now I have found a way to list the disabled users.

  1. Select group ‘disabled’
  2. Search for the user (uid) which will be listed
  3. the user in the list can be enabled

The group ‘disabled’ shows the correct number of disabled users, but selecting this group shows only an empty list.
But: If I don’t know the names of disabled users I still have a problem.

(Maybe important sidenote: There are >12’000 users in the test-db)

PS: In another NC installation (12.0.5) with 188 users - same behavior. Selecting group ‘disabled’ does not list the disabled users.

If I understand you correctly, you can see all disabled users listed in the group ‘disabled’?
Am I the only one who gets only a blank page or is this a bug? (User is only listed, when I use the search. How can all disabled users be listed without knowing their id’s?)
Thanks for checking.

No, not all disabled users. Only the users who are members of the group whose Group Admin I am.
The Admin of the Nextcloud instance sees all.
And in NC13 only.

I am running NC 15.0.8 and have recently (as admin) diabled an user. I have experienced said disabled user to vanish from the web-interface: user could not be found via search (magnifying glass symbol in upper right corner), and I saw no “Disabled” tab in the users’ sidebar.

Only after browsing /settings/users/disabled all disabled users are displayed and a “Diabled Users” tab appears in the sidebar.