Deactivat preview, but activate view at the same time

Nextcloud version: 24.0.2 / 23.0.6
Operating system and version: webhosting-provider: limited acces to settings, debian 11
Apache or nginx version : unkonw
PHP version: 7.4 / 8.0

II have problems with the “preview” or “thumbnails” function. I do not understand the manual. I don’t think the user manual neatly separates the terms thumbnail / preview from normal view. My question is only about the file app, not the photo app or other apps. It is exclusively about image files in the web browser. I have Nextcloud installed with a web hosting provider.

Some web hosting providers (I tested four) have problems with the preview function for large folders (200 and more files) with large images (5-10 MB). Partly the previews are not displayed, partly only half, partly it takes forever to load, partly there are errors, probably because of exceeded memory limits. If I deactivate the preview function, I also no longer see the image on Nextcloud24 when I actively select it. The image view is for me but no preview / thumbnail. If I click on a file and want it to be displayed, then that is a “view” and not a “preview/thumbnail” in my opinion. Nevertheless, when I click, only the download function is displayed in the browser.
With Nextcloud23, disabling previews, as the name actually says, only disables the previews in the view of all files, i.e. the small file images. If I click on the file icon, then the correct image opens in color in good (full?) resolution.
I’m afraid that the feature change from Nextcloud23 to Nextcloud 24 is not a bug but a feature. The behavior will probably not change when updating to Nextcloud 25. When Nextcloud23 is no longer supportet, I will loose the view-feature.

Disabling the preview function under Nextcloud24 is out of the question for me, then I can’t view the photos in the web browser at all, but only have meaningless file names. Also in the iOS app I see then nothing more. So it makes no sense to share e.g. wedding photos or birthday photos with a group of people and allow them to download photos they are interested in.
But if I leave the preview function enabled, I will probably need my own server, which is much more expensive than a web hosting plan.
Is there a way in between for nextcloud24 and following versions? So to disable the “previews”, but continue as with nextcloud23 to view the files individually with one click in the browser? Or are there other optimization options that I have not found in the manual?