DB errors after docker upgrade to 19.0.3


I am running nc19 using docker-compose with:

  • nextcloud:apache for the app
  • jsurf/rpi-mariadb for the mariadb database. I have to use this one to be able to run it on a Raspberry Pi.

I worked well, but when I upgraded this morning (with docker-compose pull to version 19.0.3, I began to have the following errors in the logs:

nextcloud-db_1   | 2020-09-24 11:48:54 14 [ERROR] InnoDB: Fetch of persistent statistics requested for table `nc_db`.`oc_filecache_extended` but the required system tables mysql.innodb_table_stats and mysql.innodb_index_stats are not present or have unexpected structure. Using transient stats instead.
nextcloud-db_1   | 2020-09-24 11:49:31 22 [Warning] InnoDB: Table mysql/innodb_table_stats has length mismatch in the column name table_name.  Please run mysql_upgrade
nextcloud-db_1   | 2020-09-24 11:49:31 22 [ERROR] InnoDB: Column last_update in table `mysql`.`innodb_table_stats` is INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL but should be BINARY(4) NOT NULL (type mismatch).

I already ran a mysql_upgrade without problem, but it didn’t fix it.

I don’t find any support about these errors elsewhere.

Thank you for your help.