Db:convert-filecache-bigint => not possible in mainenance mode


using NC v25.0.1 and wanted to follow the advise and change column type to bigint:

Some columns in the database are missing a conversion to big int.
Due to the fact that changing column types on big tables could take some time they were not changed automatically.
By running “occ db:convert-filecache-bigint” those pending changes could be applied manually.
This operation needs to be made while the instance is offline. For further details read the documentation page about this.

So, I enabled maintenace mode and tried to update:

~# occ maintenance:mode --on
Maintenance mode enabled

~# occ db:convert-filecache-bigint

but then I get the following message:

Nextcloud is in maintenance mode, hence the database isn’t accessible.
Cannot perform any command except ‘maintenance:mode --off’

and in the same printscreen it follows with:

Following columns will be updated:

  • files_trash.auto_id
  • file_metadata.id

This can take up to hours, depending on the number of files in your instance!
Continue with the conversion (y/n)? [n]

and exits immediately - back to command promt without chance to answer y or n.

Anyone seen this as well and/or any suggestion?

Thanks and kind regards - tullsta

PS: saw this with 24.0.6 as well.

Hmm. That seems unintended that it would tell you it can’t be run and then ask if you want to proceed.

In any case, maintenance mode isn’t needed for this, and it will run pretty quickly unless you have a large database.

Yep - it prints the UI text and exists then immediately. Not intended like this I guess.

OK - thanks. However, why does the text under AdminitrativeSettings => Overview say “This operation needs to be made while the instance is offline”- then this text should be updated I guess.

Kind regards - tullsta