DAVx5 Enterprise and Two Factor auth

I’m trying to setup enterprise app from DAVx5 for android users. While it is easy to setup the standard DAVx5 app from the Nextcloud Mobile App, we are not wanting our users to have to buy their own copy of DAVx5. However the Enterprise app requires users to log in to the app. I’m seeing that this is an issue with Two-factor auth on the standard app. Is the same true for the Enterprise app, does anyone know? Also curious: Has anyone tried to further streamline the DAVx5 Enterprise app in your organization?

Why are you not contacting the developers directly and ask your question? From what I can see, you can also request a free enterprise test license as described here:

I have asked for what they know, but since their solution is not unique to Nextcloud, they are just saying other Nextcloud users are using their solution. The details are left to this community not their application, so that is why I was asking here. Also the experience of the Two-factor Auth could potentially be only known within this community. I am testing the license as you mention but even the configuration is not straight out of the box so I was seeking other users of both Nextcloud and DAVx5 Enterprise.

By default the DAVx5 doesn’t support 2FA mechanism. You need to set-up dedicated app passwords for the communication to the server. I cannot confirm if this is also valid for the enterprise version of the app.

DAVx⁵ supports Login Flow, so it should not be necessary to manually assign app passwords, even with 2FA enabled… https://www.davx5.com/tested-with/nextcloud

Updated my statement to be more precise

Yes, for the initial setup, but I would assume that an app password is outomatically being created in the background and that the 2FA is not required for every sync afterwards.

Yep, exactley

Although it didn’t work for me the last time I set it up on my Pixel 7 with Graphene OS, because my Yubikey wasn’t recognized during the login flow. However, on a standard Google Android or with factory ROMs from other vendors, and / or with TOTP as a second factor, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Thank you both for chiming in. Yes in the standard app, going with the Nextcloud app installed and authenticated first, the Login Flow works great for me. Unfortunately the Enterprise app doesn’t know anything about the credentials in the Nextcloud mobile app. So all you get is an app that is configured to point to the server and the end user will have to login. So you bump against the same 2FA issue. Aside from that you have to go through app permissions for syncing to mobile from within the app. It is way easier for my users to just use the standard app. I just hate that they initially have to pay for the app and we will have to reimburse them. Now if you are using an MDM for controlled devices, then the Enterprise app may be the best option but it seems in this case, I would have to explain more to the end user regarding the setup.


we’ve brought that up internally and we will provide an option to enter the Nextcloud Login FLow URL in the Managed DAVx5 configuration. You can enter it there and people will see an option then to start the authentication via NC Login Flow also in our business version. Matt, I hope you can wait a few weeks until this feature is going into testing phase and hopefully be released soon.

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