Davx 5 Android reinstalled and having trouble with contacts sync


I’ve reinstalled Davx 5 on android.

Sync was previously working but I had a problem with some other app locking up the phone.
I reset to factory defaults and reinstalled fdroid, nextcloud and davx5

Anyhow I’m confused about the nextcloud login flow.
It says things are connected but there is nothing syncing.

No account is created in the Davx5 app. However, I can manually add the account in the Davx5 and sync is working.

The strange things is that The nextcloud login flow works to sync photos, and notes, but not for contacts and calendars.

It seems that I am required to use the base Base URL: /remote.php/dav (for instance: https://example.com/nextcloud/remote.php/dav )

As described in the instruction here.
However, other instructions on the web do not indicate this method and use the login flow method.

Please advise if the login flow method is still valid ? Or if I am suppose to be required to use the method described on this davx site.

Sadly it appears that I lost all my contacts on nextcloud that should have been there for syncing to my android too.

The login flow on the instructions does not give me a screen to type in the base. It just asks “Grant Access” Then it’s done and tells me I am connected and that I can close this screen.

In short login flow is not creating an account in Davx and not syncing unless I type in the /remote.php/dav manually and add the account there.

Please advise