Davfs2 can't mount with message "Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge"

I have installed davfs2. When i try “mount ~/Nextcloud” i get such a message:

/sbin/mount.davfs: Mounting failed.
Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge

What I want: to understand, who is responsible for this - nextcloud, apache or davfs2. Maybe you can give me a tip about this error or advice, where I can find log with more information.

Details: Nextcloud installed on a home computer. Data folder moved to a separate volume. Its address is example.com (not example.com/nextcloud) or localhost. Nextcloud works normal in browser. If I can provide more information, just tell me - I know, many people hate endless sheets of configs and logs.

sure enough. but then they should rather read the sun and not a forum with technical questions.
so since there is a template that you should fill in here under support you could guess yourself that noone asks these questions for fun or to build additional obstacles for users to file their issues those infos would make it easier for interested and skilled ppl to help you.

so… if i’d read just your errormessage it seems to be clear enough what to do: you need to authenticate yourself against the server. could mean: not a problem of nextcloud, apache nor davfs2 - but a problem of not reading the davfs-manual of how to mount a share correctly with authentication.

good luck

Maybe, maybe…
Like you said, I read manual and found mistake in my own ~/.davfs2/secrets: I wrote login and pass with <>, like in the sample.
so, thank you for advice