Dav No calendar events found for status check

since update 28.0.1 i have this message in log

[dav] Déboguage: No calendar events found for status check
PUT /ocs/v2.php/apps/user_status/api/v1/heartbeat?format=json
de par fsadmin à 27 déc. 2023, 15:05:03

and :

[PHP] Déboguage: Creation of dynamic property OCA\FirstRunWizard\Settings\Personal::$urlGenerator is deprecated at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/firstrunwizard/lib/Settings/Personal.php#40
GET /settings/admin/logging
de par fsadmin à 27 déc. 2023, 15:06:08

is there something to do


The errors/warnings you are showing are in the user_status app and the firstrunwizard app. If you disable one or both of them, do you see still problems with your calendar?

Such warnings are mainly for the developers of an app that this function will be removed in the future. It is still working but not in future versions. If you want, you can check the corresponding bug tracker, if they are already aware of that problem and working on it.

I don’t know, if you have events in your calendar that it could find. If there aren’t any, this might be normal.

Having the log files on debug level, it shows you all potential problems. But there can be warnings, that are not a real problem or not a problem yet. They can indicate potential issues, the big question is, is something not working? Then it is interesting. If everything is working, you can mostly ignore the debug messages.

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