Dav client inside nextcloud app

is it possible to make the original client app of nextcloud also a dav client so we can browse our files like a drive ?

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Actually all OS’es are capable of mounting WebDAV shares. On a Mac, for instance, press CMD + K in Finder and enter the following URL: https://YOURSERVER.WHATEVER/remote.php/webdav/, provide credentials, done. Something similar should should work for Windows and Linux.

It should work. However, Windows doesn’t seem to work very good (there are some tips&tricks, you’ll probably find a few topics on that). There is some 3rd-party software for it (net drive, web drive, …) on Windows. Mac has also some restrictions, I can’t remember if it is just not that fast. In Linux, it seems to work as it should.

i know that windows is able to do something like this but since windows having problems in doing such thing i was hopping that the nextcloud app can do this thing for us and turn it on and off whenever we want so that we do not need microsoft things. there are many dav clients apps so the idea is to integrate client inside the nextcloud app not to use some tricks and tips and so on.

Actually I recommend sync clients, or dedicated Webdav-Clients too.
The reason is the copy and handling routines in all the OSes are not designed for distant, low speed, high latency storages.

It it the same crap in Windows with that webstorage, Linux with davfs2 and MacOS with their implementation.
If there is any flaw in the connection during file operations, you are mostly screwed in one or other way (mount stalled, file browser/terminal window locks up etc.)
That issue is not limited to webdav, it’s the same garbage if you mount a ftp share in your local file system.

you know, that neither ftp nor webdav is designed to be mounted all the time, right?

The ways (davfs2 and mount ftp) are for fast and simple file transfer, not to be connected all the time.

It’s just for Connection established, checking out and leave.

I don’t know who you are talking to, but that is an additional problem besides my part.