DAV Calendar Visible on iDevices, Missing from Web List

Hi, folks. Usual long-time listener, first-time caller. Issue is that I have a public DAV calendar that I use for coordinating events and appointments with the wife. Service is third-party hosted (Woelkli). Recently, I went in to try to export that calendar in preparation for a service migration and couldn’t find it, let alone export it. All events show up on iDevices and can be added/edited without issue.

Granted, it’s been a few years since I touched the setup, so I likely just forgot how it was done in the first place. No changes in target address or login credentials during that time. Any help would be appreciated–I’m good and limbered up in preparation for kicking myself. Thanks in advance.

iDevice list:
Screenshot 2022-11-27 at 11.25.26 AM

Woelkli list:
Screenshot 2022-11-27 at 11.25.10 AM