Date of pictures for sorting

Hi. I really love nextcloud and former owncloud. the only feature i am missing is the following:
i want to sort pictures regarding the day the where captured and not by date they where uploaded or copied to disk. this is a small change i think and would make my life much more easier.
It would be so great if this could be implemented.
Or is there a workaround to get this feature ?
Kind regards. Leonhard

Please see this:

Why is the attached proposal to add this to only gallery and an extra table?

A more radical - but consistend - aproach would be to provide the user some “rescan” which takes the exif and overwrites the current upload date in the oc table.

If you want to watch your files in that way, the upload date does not have a meaning anyway to you.
And the it would also apply to other apps

Wrong thoughts??

Actually, the mediametadata app is going to collect all sorts of metadata and store it in its own tables.
I don’t think it’s worth making an exception for the date. Do you?

I normally use exiftool (Linux) to rename photo’s to have the date/time in the filename. This also since I get photos from other people for an event/party and want to put them all in the correct order. This way it makes them all in the correct order and don’t have to worry about the exif data (which is still available if needed)

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While it may be technically useful to have both the date the photo was taken and the fare it was uploaded, I think the main usecase here is to be able to sort the display of images in the files app, by when they were taken. If the date taken is stored in a separate table of a new app, then presumably, the files app is still going to display photos that are sorted by date, by the date they were uploaded and not by when they were taken. Am I wrong? I don’t really know anything about the new app…

Maybe another way to deal with this would be to have the files app able to add extra columns to the current ones if the exif app is installed, and then people could just do something like “add column>date taken” and then click to sort by that.

Interesting… I’ll have to look into exiftool. Thanks for the tip!

Bumping this here.

It has been almost 5 years and Nextcloud still does sort photos by the file modification date.

This is absolutely stressing the sht out of me. I imported 100.000 Photos from Google Fotos and they’re now all taken in March 2021, while the meta data clearly gives the correct date, sometimes even year 2003.

When will this finally be changed?


Yeah, I also just did that, that really needs to be fixed.

my “workaround” is to set filedate=exifdate (and also =filename) with jhead and upload the pix with rsync; then chown; then occ files:scan . really not the best way, but i do it only for “real” pix taken with a camera that have to handled manually anyway.

Is there an official issue in the bugtracker for this?

As proposed in this piece of documentation, I tried to add gallery.cnf files here and there containing this:

  type: name
  order: asc
  inherit: yes

Since my pictures are named according to the time they were taken, that should work in theory. In practice it does not, pictures are still ordered by the modification or creation date of the files.

What did I do wrong?