Datafiles on SMB/CIFS share (NAS) with Raspberry (NextcloudPI)

Sorry if this has been covered, but I am having some issues.
What I want to accomplish is to run Nextcloud on my Raspberri Pi 3+ (Nextcloudpi) but store all datafiles (the users files) on my Netgear Readynas Ultra (normal SMB/CIFS share).
I have mounted my Nextcloud share on my PI as /media/NextcloudNAS
But I ran into problems when trying to change the data dir to my mount point (/media/NextcloudNAS/ ) - Only ext/btrfs filesystems can hold the data directory …
I would assume my NAS has formated it as NTFS or something, not quite sure.
But I do not need the special permissions, actually it would be preferrable if I could direct access all the user files in that shared folder directly on my LAN…
Is this possible? The only workaround I have seen that might work is if I run Nextcloud in a Docker and pointing the docker datafiles to the network share…?